Your Unioverse Proten-Packed FAQ and Calculator

Chris Albrecht
December 12, 2022

We are less than a month away from the launch of Reyu Genesis, our first Unioverse Hero NFT! Remember, there are only two ways you can get a Reyu:

  1. Earn Whitelisting either through achieving status on our Discord or through a partnership we’re doing with another project
  2. Earn enough Protens

You can check out a full explainer on the entire process here. And this FAQ will help guide you through the Proten collection process. 

What are Protens?

In the story of the Unioverse, Protens are the energy source that powers the alien technology. In the world of Unioverse NFTs, Protens are what you earn by owning and holding Unioverse Collectible NFTs (which we’ve been dropping for free for a number of weeks now).

If you’ve been collecting (and keeping!) Unioverse Collectible NFTs, then you have been accruing Protens automatically, but the process is not complete. Read on.

Do I have to earn my Protens? Isn’t the process automatic?

While you accrue Protens just by holding Collectibles, you must earn them in order to redeem them for any offer like the upcoming Reyu Genesis.

How do I earn Protens?

You can earn Protens and see your Proten count by visiting our Proten Calculator (desktop only). You’ll need to sign in to / up for your Unioverse account, and make sure the digital wallet you used to obtain Unioverse Collectibles is connected to your Unioverse account in the upper right.

Once that is done, go to the Proten page, click the “Earn” button.

You’ll see our system tabulating your total and the official count appearing above the “Earn” button.

How are Protens calculated? 

Reference the Protens Calculator log in the box to the right of the Earn button. 

How often can I collect Protens?

Once a day. You can collect new Protens after 00:01 UTC (midnight UTC).

Do I have enough Protens to mint a Reyu?

We will be releasing the Proten requirements for Reyu soon. However, Reyu is just the first — not the only — Unioverse Hero NFT that will mint. We will have many more similar events happening over the coming year and beyond including mints for other Unioverse Heroes like Krishah. 

More importantly, Protens will always be useful in the Unioverse, so hold on to them; you never know what they could be redeemed for.

Do multiple copies of the same Collectible each accrue Protens? 


My wallet is not connected to my account and I can’t connect it, what do I do?

You must connect it on a desktop, using the wallet button in upper right. Chrome with Metamask is recommended.

I got a ‘perfect collection bonus = False’, what does that mean?

It means there was not a complete collection on the day being calculated. The complete collection bonus was added to reward our earliest adopters, so you will not get a multiplier on your Protens.

Can I mint a Reyu or collect Protens from my phone?

No. You will need a desktop to connect your wallet to your Unioverse account, and to get Reyu! After your wallet is connected to your account, you can collect Protens from mobile, but that is not officially supported.

I’ve held my collectibles before 30th Nov. Will mine be calculated from before then?

Protens are calculated daily. The “Daily Report Log” does not go back past 30th Nov., but your total Proten count will be accurate and reflect the depth and breadth of your collection.

What is the criteria for getting Protens? I’m seeing zero on my end.

Make sure that your wallet is connected. For every day you have a collectible in your wallet, you will gain Protens. 

Can I combine Proten counts from multiple wallets in my Unioverse account?

Each wallet represents its own Proten count calculation. You can (and should) collect from each of the wallets to one Unioverse account, then transfer them all into a single wallet for simplicity.

I have collectibles spread across multiple wallets, what do I do? 

See above. It’s best to have all collectibles in one wallet. However, every time you transfer collectibles you lose any Protens you didn’t collect. The best thing to do is collect protens on each wallet, then transfer them all into a single wallet so that any perfect collection bonus applies to them all. 

My count is wrong!

If you think your Proten count is being calculated incorrectly, please open a ticket on Discord and share with us your wallet address. We can look on-chain to see when certain transfers happened that could have affected your Proten count. While we cannot retrieve Protens that you might have left behind, we can provide clarity as to why it’s being calculated the way it is to ensure you don’t leave your Protens behind again.  

Can I buy a perfect collection?

If you are missing a collectible and want to get it today to restore your perfect collection bonus, that will work but it will not retroactively restore a perfect collection bonus. 

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