Unioverse Partners with Claners for an Exciting Gaming Week

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September 25, 2023

At Unioverse, we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to connect with diverse audiences and explore new horizons in the gaming world. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Claners, a well-known Latin American video game brand. This collaboration promises to be an exciting journey, bringing together our shared passion for gaming and innovation. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of our partnership and what you can expect from this thrilling week in the Unioverse.

Why Claners?

Our decision to partner with Claners is rooted in our shared vision for the gaming community. Claners boasts a dedicated audience of early adopters, making them the perfect testing ground for our web3 message. These gamers are always eager to try new experiences, making them an ideal audience to introduce to the world of Unioverse.

But it’s not just about introducing Claners to Unioverse; it’s also about learning from their expertise and building a direct line of communication with their players. Together, we’re working on creating tutorial content in Spanish and Portuguese, ensuring that Claners gamers have a seamless onboarding and gaming experience with the Unioverse. It’s a partnership built on mutual respect and a shared love for gaming.

What Is Unioverse?

Before we dive into the details of our partnership week, let’s take a moment to introduce Unioverse for those who might be new to our universe. Unioverse is a sci-fi gaming franchise developed by industry veterans responsible for hits like GTA, COD, Halo and more. Our mission is to bring you thrilling gaming experiences that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the gaming world.

What Is Claners?

Claners, on the other hand, is a prominent online video game store that offers over 3,500 digital products for Xbox, PlayStation, Blizzard, Steam, and PC. With more than 30,000 Cash-Points of Sale, Claners makes it incredibly convenient for gamers to purchase and collect digital products instantly. They have earned a reputation for being a reliable and diverse source for all your gaming needs.

The Exciting Week Ahead

Now, let’s get to the exciting part – what you can expect from our partnership week with Claners.

What to Expect

In this 7-day challenge, Unioverse invites Claners (and everyone) to play in the Proving Grounds: a third-person shooter, speedrun mode within our Hero Viewer. Sprint, shoot, slash through the pre-alpha and top the weekly leaderboard for rewards!

How to Participate

Participating in our Proving Grounds challenge is easy, whether you’re new to Unioverse or a seasoned player

  1. Create an Account with Your Phone: If you’re new to Unioverse, start by creating an account using your phone number.
  2. Connect Your Email: To make things even more accessible, we’ve streamlined the onboarding process. When you connect your email, we automatically create a wallet for you and mint a Krishah clone to that wallet. No need to fiddle with web3 wallets if you’re a web2 user.
  3. Download Proving Grounds: Make sure to download Proving Grounds, our alpha third-person shooter, speedrun mode! 
  4. Play: Dive into the world of Unioverse and start playing!

Watch this awesome tutorial video in Spanish on how to complete each step, by our newest community moderator, KratosTuga! Welcome to the team, Kratos.

Prizes You Can Win

We’ve got some incredible prizes lined up for you:

  • 150 Krishah Heroes (Lifetime Game Passes): These come in various skins, ranging from Common to Legendary, enhancing your cosmetics.
  • Draw for a gift card equivalent to $50 USD for the gaming platforms sold by Claners
  • Unioverse Collectibles: Exclusive collectibles from Unioverse to make your gaming experience even more special.

How to Win

Earning raffle tickets is easy:

  • Users who sign up, download, and play will receive 1 raffle ticket.
  • Those who complete a full run will get 3 raffle tickets and a free Unioverse Collectible.

The challenge is over on Monday October 2nd at 12pm MT.

Prizes will be drawn at random the following Tuesday after the leaderboard rolls over, so make sure you’re in it to win it!

New Build Features

Our partnership week also comes with some exciting new features:

  • Spanish Operating System Option: Now, users can easily toggle to a Spanish operating system, with more language options on the horizon.
  • Sword Editor: Get a taste of our amazing sword editor (note: we are still testing so you can’t mint yet, but you can explore and create awesome content).
  • UGT (Unioverse Gamer Tag): We’re currently testing UGTs for Proving Grounds players, so be sure to check out the leaderboard.
  • Minor UI Changes: We’ve made some UI tweaks and added a play HUD to enhance your overall gaming experience.

Next Steps

Don’t miss out on this fun week of gaming and prizes! Sign up, connect your email, and start playing for a chance to win big. For hints, shortcuts, and a fantastic gaming community, join us on Discord.gg/theunioverse and connect with Unioverse legends.

In partnership with Claners, we’re breaking new ground bringing web3 experiences to web2 audiences. It’s all about rolling up our sleeves and marketing thoughtfully to make gaming accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Join us and let’s game on together!

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