Planet Ceiba Joins the Unioverse, Now You Can Give it Sentient Species!

Chris Albrecht

A couple of weeks back we invited our community to help us create a new Unioverse planet, as part of our New World Genesis program and – wow! – they delivered. 

We received more than 70 entries from Unioverse fans who submitted names for the new planet, as well as information about its star system and global conditions. Our Selection Committee, made up of Unioverse Co-Founders and Narrative Leads, pored over each entry and narrowed it down to six finalists. Over this past weekend, the finalists were presented to the Unioverse Community, which picked their favorite. 

So, we are thrilled to announce the new name of the Unioverse planet is…


Let’s send out a big Servitor-sized congratulations to Luke Salvalaggio, who not only came up with the winning name but also helped bring this planet to life by creating such details as: 

  • Ceiba is the second planet from the system’s binary stars, Quetzel and Coatl. 
  • A Ceiban year is 729 Ceiban days.
  • Due to the gravitational interactions with its moon, Ceiba spins faster than Earth; a Ceiban day is approximately 22 Earth hours.
  • Ceiba gravity is approximately 0.95g.

You can read even more about this fascinating new addition to the Unioverse on its very own Unioverse Wiki page, where Salvalaggio’s work (and credit!) will live on for the life of the Unioverse.

Now that you’ve seen how much fun worldbuilding can be, you too can get in on the action and have your work immortalized in the fabric of the Unioverse. 

Now that Cebia has a name and some basic geography, it’s time to populate this planet with some living things. For this round of worldbuilding, we want you to come up with some sentient beings for Ceiba.

You can find more criteria for what we’re looking for on the New World Genesis submission page, but here’s a quick taste of what you can expect: 

Is there only one sentient species on the planet? More? What are they like (appearance, habitats, behaviors, etc.)? Are different races or subspecies present? What stage of development are they in (recently sentient, evolved, space-faring, etc.)?

Think you’ve got a great idea for new lifeforms? 

Step 1: Read Luke’s winning entry in the wiki to better understand some basics about Ceiba. 

Step 2: Read Chapter 8 of Unioverse Origins, which will provide more details about the planet.

Step 3: Visit the official New World Genesis submission page to learn the specifics about what we’re looking for and how to enter. 

Submissions will once again be read by our Selection Committee, which will winnow the entries down to a handful of finalists that the Community can vote on. 

And just to make sure you don’t forget, winning entries become an official part of the Unioverse canon – so your work will be experienced by Unioverse fans all over the world! 

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