Our Pinnacle Collection is the Peak of Reyu Genesis  Rarity

Tony Harman
January 6, 2023

I’ve been a collector all my life. Game-used Major League bats and MLB signed baseballs. Antique golf clubs (I’m talking pre-1900). Nintendo memorabilia (the rare things only insiders get). And like any good collector, I prefer getting something that’s one-of-a-kind-never-to-be-made-again-or-found-anywhere-else. 

Oh yeah. That’s the good stuff. 

I’m channeling my love of collecting into our upcoming Reyu Genesis mint, and had the team create what I’m calling Pinnacle Reyus. These will be the rarest of the rare Reyu Genesis, and you’re going to want one. If you get a Pinnacle when we do our global Reyu reveal on January 17th, you should feel like the biggest winner, the top dog, king of the mountain as others look upon you with envy.

The Reyu Genesis Hero mint on January 15th will have a supply of 20,000 unique NFTs across Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary rarities. The Pinnacle Collection are the tippy-top of the Legendary set. It breaks down like so: 

  • Common: 11,140
  • Uncommon: 6,200
  • Rare: 1,600
  • Epic: 800
  • Legendary: 260

Of those 260 Legendary, only 11 will be Pinnacle.

Taking it one step further, those 11 Pinnacles will be ranked. With #1 being the best of the best of the entire collection.

Pinnacle Reyu Genesis NFTs will also have their own metadata on OpenSea denoting their Pinnacle status, something no other Reyu will have.

I should make clear that even though these Pinnacle Reyus are super rare, they will not have extra power sets or have some other advantage in forthcoming Unioverse games. Any Hero NFT you get – no matter the rarity – will grant you access to Unioverse games, but won’t give you any competitive edge (just bragging rights!). 

Everyone will have the same chance of getting a Pinnacle Reyu Genesis, but you can’t get one (or any Reyu Genesis) unless you’ve been whitelisted or have earned enough Protens (check your Proten count here)! Whether you’re a hardcore collector (like me!), a gamer, or just a fan of what we’re building here at the Unioverse, our AAA-quality Hero NFTs will make an excellent collection. 

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