Our First Free Collectibles Dropped Yesterday! (Did You Get Yours?)

Chris Albrecht
October 31, 2022

Pardon us as we pop a bottle of bubbly over here at Unioverse HQ, but we are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our first, free Unioverse Collectible NFT claim!

More than 4,000 Unioverse Collectibles were claimed in roughly an hour yesterday. In total, more than 5,000 of our Collectible NFTs have been claimed since they were first offered to those with Legend status starting last week.

Did you get yours? 

If you followed us on Twitter or joined our Discord, you got the heads up when the Collectible dropped (so, you know, go do those things).  But fear not! This was just the first, there are many more to come. 

The Unioverse Collectibles are a series of NFTs that feature jaw-dropping art and a little bit of info about the story world we are building. These are high-end NFTs with 3D art and animation, and in the description field, you’ll notice a little blurb giving you a gateway into the Unioverse. 

Here’s an example:


Once the smaller alien craft has power, the interior responds to the presence of humans, lighting up a path to a central chamber.

Ooooh. Mysterious!

Unioverse Collectibles aren’t just pretty to look at – they also have utility. These collectibles are numbered, and when you complete a set (e.g. #1 – 4) you can forge them to unlock a different collectible with higher rarity. Also, the more you hold the higher your status on our Discord which unlocks other fun stuff like exclusive Q&As, exclusive content, early alpha and whitelists. 

This is just our first step into the NFT space. In the coming weeks and months we’ll have more to share about our NFT hero characters that you’ll use to play Unioverse games. But until then, keep collecting these freebies!

And for real, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord.

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