Life, the Unioverse and Everything, Explained in One Short Video

Chris Albrecht
January 18, 2023

The Unioverse is a lot of things: 

For us here at Unioverse HQ, what we are building is pretty straightforward because we conceived it and are creating it from the ground up. So we know what it’s all about. 

But most of what we are doing has never been tried before (give away the franchise!). As a result, newcomers may not know what the Unioverse is or how it works. They may understand pieces of what we’re doing, like how the Unioverse involves NFTs and videogames, but they haven’t had a chance to see the bigger picture.

Thankfully, we’ve put together a new Unioverse Explainer video that walks everyone through exactly what the Unioverse is and will become. It’s less than four minutes and will illuminate the world of possibilities contained within the Unioverse.

Give it a watch! If you have questions, comments or even suggestions – reach out to us on Discord or on Twitter!

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