Join the Unioverse Creator Program to Win Prizes and Level Up Creator Status!

Tony Harman
October 12, 2022

The Unioverse wants you! Yes, you! 

I’m happy to announce that we have officially kicked off the Unioverse Creator Program

What is the Unioverse Creator Program? I’m glad you asked. 

A core pillar of the Unioverse is that it’s a community-owned franchise. While we are creating the story of the Unioverse and building out an initial series of games – we are just as interested in seeing what you create. That’s why all the AAA-quality artwork, character models, music – everything that we make – will be made available to our community, royalty-free. 

What you create with those assets is entirely up to you! Make your own comic books, short animations, lunchboxes – I’m not kidding, whatever you want to make. 

The Unioverse Creator Program

We’re heads down right now creating those assets as well as the expansive lore of the Unioverse and plotting the first series of games. But you shouldn’t have to wait for us to start making your own Unioverse stuff. That’s why we’ve launched the Unioverse Creator Program.  

The Creator Program is a way for you to show off your talents right now. Head over to our Discord server where we will hold regular contests, discussions with our creative team, and provide links to download Unioverse assets. 

Our first contest launches today! We want you to design a Unioverse T-shirt

Whatever style you like, just make it awesome. Go over to our Discord server and join the Creators Area for all the details, artwork, and submission guidelines. All entries are due by Midnight US Pacific Time, Oct 25, 2022. The winner gets a free Unioverse T-Shirt (they designed), lots of Creator Points (see below) as well as other giveaways we are planning. Additionally, because we are a community-owned franchise, the winner (or any contestant) can even sell their shirt design online AND keep all of the money. 

Create. Level Up. Repeat.

Creating isn’t just a way to win great prizes either! Just by entering these Creator Program contests and participating on our Discord, you can earn Creator Points and level up your Creator status. Do a lot of stuff (like T-Shirt contests!) and level up faster to unlock perks such as:

  • Whitelist spots on future NFT drops
  • Exclusive chats with the Unioverse team (pitch us a game!)
  • Direct connections with other Creators
  • and more!

I sound like a broken record, but really, head over to the Creator Area on our Discord for more details. 

We know you’re going to love the Unioverse and we are going to love seeing what you make.

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