Forge Ahead! Combine Collectibles for Higher Tier Rewards (and More Protens!)

Chris Albrecht
December 23, 2022

In the beginning, there were Unioverse Collectible NFTs – and they were fun! Then we gave those Collectibles depth and increased utility with our Protens program, and they became fun and useful! Today we take Unioverse Collectibles to the next level with the launch of our Combine feature. 

If this is your first time reading about our Collectibles. Here’s a quick catchup: 

  • Unioverse Collectibles are free NFTs that feature art and story from the Unioverse. We drop these on a regular basis (follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to learn when the next drop is!). Here’s a Collectibles explainer
  • Owning and holding Unioverse Collectibles earns you Protens. Earn enough Protens and you can unlock special rewards like Reyu Genesis, our first Unioverse Hero NFT that you can use to play Unioverse games. Here’s a quick Protens explainer

And now, we are rewarding those people with a passion for collecting with our new Combine feature. In brief, when you hold all of the Collectibles in a set, and all of them are charged, you can forge them into a higher-tier Collectible that will earn you even more Protens!

Here’s how combining works. 

The Right Combination

If you have a Unioverse Collectible, you’ll see three numbers in the bottom right corner of the NFT. These numbers actually have a purpose! 

Let’s take this Collectible as an example:

The numbers 1-1-11 each represent something.

  • The first number represents the Series of Collectibles. That first “1” indicates that it’s from our first Series of Collectibles. 
  • The second number shows the “Tier” of the Collectible. More on that in a second. 
  • The last number shows what number that Collectible is in that tier’s series. So the example above is the eleventh Collectible in the first series of tier one Collectibles. 

When you hold four sequential Collectibles, you can form a “set.” For example, if you hold Collectibles with the numbers: 





You have a complete set! It’s important to note that combining requires a specific set of Collectibles, not just any four in a sequence. So, if you only had numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5, you do not have a complete set because you are missing 1. Don’t worry though, our system keeps track for you!

Before we combine, though, there’s one more thing to know about. 

Get Charged Up!

Let’s look at our example Collectible again:

You see that glowing symbol that changes in the bottom left-hand corner? That is your Collectible’s “charge.” Your Unioverse Collectible must have a charge in order to be forged.

A charge can only be spent one time. Once your Collectible has been forged, that charge is gone. 

When the charge is gone, this symbol will become static and locked to one single symbol. Additionally, the Collectible’s Energy property will change from “Charged” to “Spent.”

Combine Your Collectibles

So you’ve got a complete set of Collectibles and they are all charged up, what next? You visit our Combine page to “Forge” higher-tier Collectibles. 

Higher-tier Collectibles earn you even more Protens than lower-tier Collectibles. Like, a lot more. If you are interested in amassing as many Protens as possible (more Protens = unlocking rewards like Unioverse Hero NFTs), you want higher-tier Collectibles, so by extension, you want to collect as many free Unioverse Collectibles as possible! 

To Forge higher-tier Collectibles, sign in to your Unioverse account, and you’ll automatically see all of your Collectibles laid out in sets. 

In this example, the bottom row shows a complete set of Collectibles that have been forged into a new Collectible. Notice the green line on the new Collectible on the right, and the 2 in its number. This indicates it is a Tier 2 Collectible. 

The middle row shows a complete set that has not been forged yet. Notice the bright blue dots in the bottom corners which indicate that all those Collectibles are still charged. These will dim when spent. You will also see a “Ready” indicator to the right.

The top row shows an incomplete set of Collectibles. Collectible number 3 is missing and Collectible 4 has yet to be released (in this example). At this point, this holder would not be able to Forge this row because two Collectibles are missing from this row.

Forging is as simple as clicking the “Forge” button at the top. It will be disabled if you have no sets available to forge, and lit up when you can make at least one set.

There are two important things to know!

First, when you click the Forge button, all available sets will be forged. This means that if you could forge multiple sets, or even if you’ve successfully forged a row before, new collectibles will be forged. Simply put, if you have four charged collectibles in a set when that Forge button is clicked, those NFTs will lose the charges and you’ll get a new Tier 2 created. If you don’t want that to happen, move copies of Collectibles into digital wallets not associated with your Unioverse account.

Second, when a collectible has its property changed from Charged to Spent, that will occur immediately but OpenSea may not show the change right away. If you plan on buying any on the open market, please make sure to refresh the metadata.

If you’ve got Collectible NFTs, go to our Combine page and Forge them!

Combining will bring a new dimension and fun to our Collectibles game, and we hope you enjoy forging as much as we had building it. Keep collecting, start combining, and get as many Protens as possible before we launch our first Unioverse Hero NFT, the Reyu Genesis collection, on January 15, 2023!

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